Transnational Meeting in Rethymno, Crete, Greece

The transnational meeting that took place in Rethymno, Greece, on June 30, 2023, brought together three consortium members to discuss and collaborate on their project. The feedback collected from the participants offers valuable insights into various aspects of the meeting, revealing a well-organized and productive event.

The overall organization of the meeting was highly praised, with all respondents rating it as “Excellent.” This reflects ECTE’s competence in managing logistics and ensuring that the meeting proceeded seamlessly. Effective organization is critical to the success of transnational meetings, and ECTE’s performance in this regard was exemplary.

The level of partners’ involvement in the meeting and their knowledge of assigned tasks and Work Packages were highly praised, with all respondents rating these aspects as “Excellent.” This underscores the active participation and dedication of all consortium members, which is vital for the success of collaborative projects.

The delivery of required tasks for the meeting by participants was positively assessed. While one respondent rated it as “Very Good,” the other two found it “Excellent.” This reflects the commitment of participants to fulfill their obligations, which is crucial for achieving the meeting’s objectives.

In summary, the feedback from the consortium members paints a highly positive picture of the transnational meeting held in Rethymno, Greece. The organization, communication, and coordination by the host partner, ECTE, were exemplary. The meeting effectively facilitated productive discussions and collaboration among the consortium members, ultimately resulting in the achievement of the set goals. The success of this meeting serves as a testament to the importance of effective communication, organization, and teamwork in transnational projects.


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